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So many relationships! The ultra-rich to society’s dregs -

All have secrets.


Fritzie’s was one of those unknowns that fall through the cracks when people go looking into the

 past lives of others - one of those short fragments in a lifetime that take up unknown space  but

  leave memorable, sometimes life-changing messages. In Rachel’s life it had been a two month

   period, left off resumes, never mentioned in letters, un-noted on  tax records, forgotten in the

   recorded annals of her life – a time between other times, important times, talked about times.

          Yet that snippet of over-looked time had been the most important time in her life.


And there are lovers and whores in other lifestyles,

just as there are saints and killers.


When people came to windows and doors to watch the sleek black limousine maneuver through

the narrow streets, Elliott realized that not many of them made it into this section of  town.  It

was abundantly layered with signs of blight from peeling paint and cracked stucco, broken slats

in wooden fences to the utterly reverse of green lawns with brown patches, this area had brown

 lawns with occasional green spots left over from earlier and better times.  It made him wonder

 about Rachel’s connection to somebody here….


A fragile secret effects the lives of people in many walks of life.


Memories all tied up in this one picture which she would treasure more than any other. And

Rachel Murdock was having doubts about sending the picture to Lizona. George was right. She

really did have to close out that part of her life where keeping just one friend could topple

her wonderful new house of cards. And it was a house of cards, held together by one fragile

secret, totally dependent on that secret for it’s existence.


There is a killer among them who has made no mistakes ...


“You’d better be telling me you’ve got an unforced confession or an eye witness with a record

as clean as a newborn baby’s backsides, Robards,” Norris said, “because this  case has no trace-

able suspects, no discernable motive, and no sustainable hope of finding any.”


but is the #1 target just too elusive?


            “She came with them.  But she wanted to stay later, so she took the bus home,”

                    he paused.  “Like once more she’s cheated her number one fan.”


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